Transportation (Car, Bus, Etc.) Resources

Transportation is a key part of most people's daily lives. Whether by bus, car, bicycle, or commuter rail, you probably spend much more time in transit than actually thinking about how you get around. However, the type of transport you use and how you approach it can affect many aspects of life, from personal finance to health and safety.

School Bus Driver Safety

For school children around the country, school buses provide a necessary function. Especially for families in suburban and rural areas without public transportation, the school bus makes it possible for kids to arrive at school each day. The environment on a school bus, however, can be unique. It's important for children to learn basic school bus safety, both for the daily ride and in case of emergencies.

Motor Vehicle Emissions

Given the environment's increasingly fragile state, many drivers are becoming concerned about vehicle emission levels. Likewise, governmental bodies are taking notice. Learn about the emission levels of various models. Plus, it's key to know what's permitted where you live, as regulations can vary geographically.

The Electric Car

Within the past ten years, electric vehicles (or "EV") have catapulted from far-out fade to an increasingly mainstream option. The cars have different requirements than traditional fuel-based vehicles. Therefore, some research is advisable before making the switch. For many owners, though, the transition is pleasant, with bonuses such as reduced car insurance costs.

Pet and Animal Vehicle Safety

When on the road, human passengers aren't necessarily the driver's only concern. When traveling with pets, it's important to know some basics of how to proceed safely. Acclimating your pet to taking trips is a wise idea. Even for pets who predominantly stay home, a trip to the veterinary office may occasionally be necessary.

Classic Mustang Resources

The Ford Mustang has inspired generations of admirers. You may be a long-time aficionado or simply taken with a recent model. In either case, numerous publications exist to inform and entertain the huge group of enthusiasts that the car attracts. Learn about everything from aesthetic details to fuel efficiency.

Defensive Driving and Car Insurance

"Defensive driving" refers to a style of driving in which the driver takes extra precautions to avoid accidents. This may include driving more slowly or keeping a greater distance from other automobiles. Defensive driving courses are increasingly available for both new and experienced drivers. As a bonus, enrolling in a course can lower auto insurance costs.

Car Racing in the U.S.

Car racing is worlds apart from how most people use their vehicles. However, the publications that cover the sport also offer fascinating insight into the core of how cars and engines work. Learning about racing can reveal much about the potential performance of automobiles. In addition, car racing enthusiasts may participate in advanced or technical driving courses, which can offer some skills that transfer to "real world" driving situations.